Wedding: Mar + Lorenzo

Lorenzo + Mar

Sand, sea and a beautiful sunset at the end of September. That is how Mar & Lorenzo wedding was presented. Until now i did not have the chance to photography a wedding with this conditions, so i really want to say thanks to Mar & Lorenzo for trusting me and give me this opportunity.

I still remember we spoke first time before Summer, it was the first time that mar did contact me to ask for some info. We spoke some times and then there was no more contact, so at the begining i was thinking that i would not hear from them again. But some times things are not as we think and at the begining of September Mar did contact me again, in a few days all was cleared and we closed the date.

But before all we had to meet and do the pre wedding shooting with this nice couple. From the begining of the shooting the had such a great smile on their faces and as you may already know if really love happiness draw on people faces as a beauty “smile”. We were walking around the city and ended at “Muelle 1”.

The wedding day as you can imagine was full of smiles and happy faces, i let you see this through the photos and enjoy as i did. Thanks one more time for trusting me and being so close making me feel as one more of your guests.